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Will Insurance Pay to Repair Or Replace My Water Damaged Floors?

Beautiful floors can be the showpiece of an entire household. Both classic and modern materials come in many different styles, colors and materials – and prices! These factors affect the cost of the floor itself and possibly repair costs as well.  When you look at your water damaged floors, the first question you have is…

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The Need To Know Behind Sewer Damage Cleanup

Not only does sewage damage leave behind a serious mess, it also presents some pretty serious risks. Teeming with bacteria and harmful pathogens, sewage is grossly contaminated and should not be handled without the correct training, equipment, and practices. Here is what you need to know if sewage backs up into your home in St….

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Appliance Failures Can Lead To Serious Water Damage Cleanup 

Any appliance that uses water can fail. And when water escapes into your home, it can wreak havoc and cause water damage and cleanup issues to commercial and residential buildings if not handled quickly.  Materials like drywall, wood, and carpet can degrade. Even worse, water might lead to a mold infestation. Every year the team…

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Water Damage Cleanup Due to Appliance Malfunction

Hot Water Heater Failure In Minnesota, is anything more luxurious than a steamy shower or a satisfying soak in the tub? How could we get by without a dishwasher and warm water for cleaning? In a modern home, we seldom consider how we get hot water in an instant. However, along with the gift of…

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Water Damage Cleanup From A Failed Sump Pump

Here in St. Paul, a well maintained sump pump is a Minnesotan’s first line of defense against a basement flood, a storm or plumbing leak; all of which are forms of major water damage and cleanup in your home. However, when that sump pump fails, it can create a problem worse than the flooding itself….

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Beautiful Storms And Ugly Water Damage Issues In Brooklyn Park

If you’re like some individuals, you love to watch thunderstorms from the comfort of your own home. The sound of rainfall is comforting, and the lightning is so cool to watch. Though some of these storms are so cool to observe, some storms inflict damage to the home. The damage can range from roof damage…

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Common Questions About Broken Pipes Due To Water Damage

In Minneapolis, extreme winter cold and high winds drive the temps well below freezing temperatures. Pipes without proper insulation from winter’s cold are far more likely to create a mess from water damage. Broken pipes can also be a common cause of water damage, causing gallons of water to come flooding through your living rooms,…

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The “Need To Know” About Sewer Damage Cleanup

At Done Right, we know one of the worst (and smelliest) disasters your home in St Paul can face is sewage damage. Teeming with bacteria and other harmful pathogens, sewage is grossly contaminated and should not be handled without the correct training, equipment, and practices that professionals offer. Good news though, our team is here…

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Turning Your Frown Around When Dealing With Sewer Damage Cleanup

Many people go through some sort of damage to their home at some point in their life. However, while some damage may be minor, such as a baseball through a window, or a hinge off a door, there are also some damages that can occur that can really put us in a sour mood. Things…

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Why Sewer Damage Cleanup Professionals Do The Best Job

Imagine walking into your home in St.Paul only to find water pooled everywhere. Perhaps the washing machine malfunctioned and now it is an unlivable space because of the damage that has been done. Steps will have to be taken to clean it up. Could things really get any worse? Well, now imagine walking into your…

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