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The “Need To Know” About Sewer Damage Cleanup

At Done Right, we know one of the worst (and smelliest) disasters your home in St Paul can face is sewage damage. Teeming with bacteria and other harmful pathogens, sewage is grossly contaminated and should not be handled without the correct training, equipment, and practices that professionals offer. Good news though, our team is here…

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Turning Your Frown Around When Dealing With Sewer Damage Cleanup

Many people go through some sort of damage to their home at some point in their life. However, while some damage may be minor, such as a baseball through a window, or a hinge off a door, there are also some damages that can occur that can really put us in a sour mood. Things…

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Why Sewer Damage Cleanup Professionals Do The Best Job

Imagine walking into your home in St.Paul only to find water pooled everywhere. Perhaps the washing machine malfunctioned and now it is an unlivable space because of the damage that has been done. Steps will have to be taken to clean it up. Could things really get any worse? Well, now imagine walking into your…

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Sewage Damage Cleanup For Your St Paul Basement

Basements are a very common feature in Minnesota; they are warm and inviting spaces during a frigid Twin City winter and a cool retreat from a summer heatwave. However, the worst time to be in the basement is when there is a sewage leak.  Sewer lines transport wastewater away from your home through underground plumbing…

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Why Water Damage Restoration Is So Important

Water damage is one of the most expensive issues a house can experience, and also one of the most common.  Water damage to a building is seven times more likely to occur than fire damage and is the second-most common damage to a house after wind damage. Here in Minneapolis, those statistics aren’t much different,…

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Six Ways Toilets Cause Water Damage

Throughout your home, the bathroom is one of the rooms most susceptible to water damage.  Moreover, a large portion of the water damage in your bathroom can be attributed to issues with toilets. At Done Right Restoration in Minneapolis, our water damage restoration experts commonly see water damage issues from leaky or flooded toilets. To…

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Why Mold Can Lead To Water Damage Restoration

Mold is a type of fungus that has the ability to grow on a myriad of different surfaces.  The fuzzy appearance of many molds is due to a high production of spores, which can then be easily breathed in.  While some molds have been used beneficially (I.E. Penicillium notatum was used to discover Penicillin), many…

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Water Damage Restoration Tips

What Are Risks Of A Leaky Water Damaged Roof? A leaky roof is no small problem for a homeowner. Water damage alone is not the only issue that a leaky roof can cause. Other issues include damaged wiring, higher utility bills, and structural damage. From our water damage restoration experts at Done Right in Minneapolis,…

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Spring Disaster Damage

April 2, 2016 | Fire Damage Restoration

Spring time brings about warmer weather, longer days, and the smell of summer around the corner; but it can also bring disaster damage to your home or business.  After the snow melts, it can leak through small cracks that are hard to detect.  Spring is a beautiful time of year, but with all the rain it can…

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How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

January 20, 2016 | Carpet Cleaning,Pet Odor

Carpet is a home investment that can last for many years with the proper care and cleaning.  There are many causes of dirty carpets, including pets and kids.  Much like going to the dentist BEFORE you have cavities, it is also best to get your carpet cleaned before any damage is visible.  If you wait too…

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