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Mold Detection

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Hidden mold can become a serious issue if left unaddressed, as it may lead to substantial health risks and significant damage to your property. Done Right Carpet & Restoration, Inc provides mold remediation services in Minneapolis, MN, and surrounding areas to shield you from the dangers of hidden mold.

Our skilled technicians are experts in identifying and safely eliminating mold growth. We use state-of-the-art technology to locate mold in your home or business. Contact us today for expert mold detection services in Minneapolis, MN.

Common Types of Mold

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most common types of household mold include Cladosporium, Penicillium, and Aspergillus. These molds can be identified by the following characteristics:

  • Cladosporium: Appears greenish-black or dark gray and can grow on various surfaces, such as fabrics and carpets.
  • Penicillium: Appears blue or green and typically thrives in high-humidity areas like bathrooms and basements.
  • Aspergillus: Appears white or yellow and is often found on drywall, fabrics, and carpets.

At Done Right Carpet & Restoration, Inc, we have extensive experience removing all types of mold. Our team can effectively identify and eradicate mold growth from any surface, safeguarding your property and loved ones. If you spot any mold that resembles the descriptions above, reach out to Done Right Carpet & Restoration, Inc for mold removal services in Minneapolis, MN.

Causes of Mold Growth

Mold typically thrives in environments with high moisture and humidity. Several factors contribute to this, including inadequate ventilation, water leaks or spills, poor drainage around the property, and humid climate conditions. It’s crucial to maintain proper ventilation in your home or business to minimize the risk of mold growth.

If you experience leaks, make sure to dry the affected areas thoroughly using fans and towels, and ensure good ventilation. Running an air conditioner or dehumidifier can also help prevent mold growth, particularly in humid climates. For assistance in identifying mold, contact Done Right Carpet & Restoration, Inc.

Indicators of Mold Presence

If you have recently experienced leaks or live in a humid climate, it’s important to watch for signs of potential mold in your home or business. Mold isn’t always visible, so consider the following indicators:

  • Visible Mold Growth: Mold appears as dark spots or patches, but it may also be white, gray, yellowish-brown, or nearly black in color. It often appears fuzzy or slimy and may have an earthy odor.
  • Musty Smell: A room with a musty, damp smell may harbor hidden mold. This odor is often stronger in areas with prior water damage.
  • Discolored Walls and Peeling Paint: Mold can cause discoloration on walls and ceilings, as well as peeling paint.
  • Allergic Reactions: Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, headaches, stuffy nose, and sore throat can signal mold presence, especially in humid conditions.

If you suspect mold due to any of these signs, contact Done Right Carpet & Restoration, Inc for assistance.

How Done Right Carpet & Restoration Can Help

Our experienced team can effectively remove mold from your home or business with minimal impact on your property. We use air filters to reduce humidity and airborne mold spores, then isolate the affected area and utilize a HEPA vacuum to remove the mold while purifying the air. Special cleaners are then used to eliminate any remaining mold growth and disinfect the area. Early mold removal is most effective and helps prevent severe damage.

Professional Mold Removal Services in Minneapolis, MN

Mold poses serious health risks and can lead to complications such as itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion, or more severe respiratory issues. That’s why staying vigilant about mold growth in your home or business is crucial. If you observe any signs of mold, contact Done Right Carpet & Restoration, Inc at (612) 331-4454 for professional mold removal services in Minneapolis, MN. Our team is available 24/7 to take your call!

Choose Done Right for your Mold Removal Services in Minneapolis, MN!

Mold is incredibly dangerous for your health, leading to minor issues such as itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, and congestion, up to more major issues such as coughing and shortness of breath and asthma symptoms for those with asthma. That’s why it is so important to be aware of mold growth in your home or business. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, contact Done Right Carpet & Restoration, Inc at (612) 331-4454 for mold detection and removal services in Minneapolis, MN, today. We have technicians available 24/7 to take your call!

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