Which Flood Damage Equipment Should I Use?

When water damage strikes, it’s important to act quickly. No matter the source, quick action helps prevent serious damage that could lead to greater expense for the homeowner or business owner. Even a simple few inches of water can cause significant damage, and the longer water is allowed to sit in your home or business, the higher the risk for irreparable harm due to rot, mold, and other water-related problems.

The flood damage equipment you need to use depends heavily on the affected area and the amount of water—as well as where it came from. Water damage can stem from a variety of sources like storms, burst pipes, sewage overflow, and more. In addition to flood damage equipment rentals, there are various products available on the market designed specifically for water extraction and flood cleanup. Explore what these are below.


Industrial-grade fans are designed to quickly remove air moisture and help accelerate drying time. This flood damage equipment can be used in basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, and other areas affected by water. Fans are ideal for removing water from carpeting and upholstery, as well as pushing out damp air.


Dehumidifiers are essential flood damage equipment for reducing humidity levels in a room or structure that has been exposed to high levels of moisture. Dehumidifier units will help reduce the amount of water vapor in the air, which can cause secondary damage like mold. This flood damage equipment works best when placed directly in the affected area rather than just one room away; this will ensure maximum efficiency.

Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers are flood damage equipment that cleans the air of contaminants like mold, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds. This flood damage equipment uses high-efficiency particulate air filters to capture particles from the air and remove them from circulation. Air scrubbers can help reduce odors in a room and can even aid in flood cleanup by capturing debris and sediment before it has a chance to settle on surfaces.

Ozone Machines

Ozone machines are flood damage equipment that work by delivering ozone molecules into the air, which then break down contaminants and odors on contact. This flood damage equipment is particularly the most powerful for removing smoke and other contaminants from the air after a flood or fire.


Desiccants are high-volume flood damage equipment that absorb and hold moisture in the air, making them ideal for flood cleanup. Desiccant materials like silica gel can be placed in flood-affected areas to help reduce humidity levels. This flood damage equipment is best used once water extraction has been completed and the source of moisture has been identified and stopped.

Flood Damage Equipment Rentals in Minneapolis, MN

Ultimately, the flood damage equipment you need depends on the level of water exposure, where it came from, and what type of odor or contaminant removal is necessary. Done Right Carpet and Restoration is here to help you assess the situation and take appropriate action with our affordable flood damage equipment rentals in Minneapolis, MN. We can help you identify any structural damage that may have been caused by water infiltration, as well as any potential sources of mold growth. Speak with one of our professionals today for an assessment and advice on what flood damage equipment will work best for your home or business needs.

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