What Happens During Fire Damage Restoration?

May 15, 2023 | Fire Damage Restoration

There are very few things more difficult to witness than flames overtaking your home or business. Unfortunately, fire has the potential to cause serious damage very fast. After experiencing a fire, you will want to have a reputable fire damage restoration company come in and help clean out your property so that you can rebuild your life. It can help to alleviate some of the stress by knowing what is involved in the process and what you can expect.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

When it comes to fire damage restoration, it is best to leave the process up to the professionals. Our crew will be able to determine if there are any major issues with your home and help to restore it so that you can get back to your home safely.

Assessing the Damage

The fire restoration team will enter your home and check for any smoke damage. Soot staining is relatively common as the air adheres to various surfaces in your home. Soot and smoke damage may affect plastics, metals, carpeting, grout, and even wood. This can lead to discoloration. In many cases, the staining is able to be removed. In addition to checking for smoke damage, the crew will assess whether there is any mold or mildew, rust, or corrosion or if the air quality is safe.

The fire damage restoration crew will inspect both the exterior and interior of your home to determine if any safety issues exist. If any structural damage is located on your property, they will reach out to an inspector to determine if it is safe for you to enter.

Removing Big Items From the Home

After performing an assessment on your property, the crew will begin to remove all of the debris and soot. Throughout the fire damage restoration process, large items and furniture will be removed from your home and set aside. Large debris will also be removed as well. Crews will utilize specialized equipment in order to remove any remaining set inside your home.

Removing Excessive Water

The fire damage restoration crew will work to remove any excess water that is inside of your home. They will extract any standing water and use humidifiers and air movers to dry out your property.

Performing a Deep Cleaning

Once your home is cleared out and dry, these fire damage restoration crews will deodorize your home and perform a deep cleaning. They will use cleaning equipment and products in order to make your home look as new as before the fire occurred.

Performing the Restoration

After everything is clean, crews will be able to perform any repairs or start rebuilding your structure. A thorough investigation of all of the drywall, ceilings, and floors will be conducted. Damage surfaces will be replaced, repaired, or painted.

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