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Done Right Carpet and Restoration Inc. has truck-powered deep steam cleaning for the best results on your carpet or upholstery. Portables are also available for high rise builds or apartments. These carpet-cleaning services dry quickly. By using “high flow & high recovery” equipment, your carpets can be dry in a 24 hour period, or sooner depending on the soiling of the carpets. Lightly stained or soiled carpets dry within 2-6 hours completely. We also specialize in pet odor removal with enzyme treatments, these included injections and topical disinfecting. One call does it all.

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These carpet-cleaning services dry quickly. By using “high flow & high recovery” equipment, your carpets can be dry in a 24 hour period, or sooner depending on the soiling of the carpets. Lightly stained or soiled carpets dry within 2-6 hours completely.

Done Right Carpet & Restoration Inc. offers a full range of cleaning and restoration services. Our fully trained cleaning teams can tackle any job, from a general standard clean, to water, sewage, or fire/smoke emergency.


  • Carpet Cleaning Residential & Commercial
  • Upholstery Cleaning: Steam or Dry
  • Stain Removal
  • Pet Damage and Pet Urine
  • Odor removal

Make Your Furniture Look Like New!

upholsteryNew furniture not in the budget?  Our technicians our professionally trained to remove stains and odors from dingy looking furniture. Different furniture requires different cleaning methods and we can help you with any sofas, chairs, ottomans, or upholstered furniture, even leather!  Let the Done Right Carpet & Restoration, Inc. Team help you determine which items a cleaning will be successful on and whether dry cleaning or steam cleaning would be the best.

Like Fabric, there are many types of leather furniture all with their own method of cleaning necessary. Be assured that Done Right Carpet and Restoration Inc. technicians are highly trained on how to achieve the best results for each customer. Suede sofas are unprotected and very prone to stains. A large investment like furniture needs special care to help it last long and look beautiful.

We Meet Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs

Commercial Cleaning is a necessity for all types of buildings. Office buildings whether they are high rise or just one level need to be maintained every six months to maintain a healthy environment. This time frame is also true for apartment buildings or retail. Nursing homes, extended care facilities, should be cleaned as often as every two months to ensure that residents who are more sensitive to bacteria and germs are optimally healthy. Restaurants are best maintained at a pace of once per month.

Benefits of Keeping Clean

Cleaning frequently and maintaining a scheduled program management can avoid complaints from customers. Keep a professional looking building for your professional clients. Help them make a great first impression. The longer a commercial building is allowed to go under poor maintenance, the more serious the health problem and the greater overall long term costs will be for the building owners in terms of liability, restoration costs, lost rents, and property devaluation. Happy clients stay. This lowers the vacancy rate and increases income.

In addition, benefits of extracting include the reduction of airborne particles which cause most health effects, reduced cases of biologically induced illnesses, reduced lifetime cancer risks, and reduced complaints and liability for building owners and managers.  We use antimicrobial to sanitize and kill germs and bacteria.  Our products are very safe green friendly cleaning solutions.

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