5 Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration Services Immediately

March 15, 2023 | Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is not a task to take lightly. Whether it’s caused by flooding, burst pipes, or other water-related catastrophes, the resulting health and safety hazards, as well as potential financial losses, can be significant. Trying to save money by ignoring warning signs and trying DIY solutions often results in undetected moisture that leads to future problems like mold growth or structural damage. That’s why it’s essential for people to know when consulting with a water damage restoration professional makes sense.

Below are five key signs that may indicate a need for someone who can evaluate your issue and provide effective solutions. By taking prompt action when these symptoms appear, you increase the chances of restoring your home or business back to its pre-loss condition while also reducing any additional complications caused by prolonged exposure to moisture.

1. Lingering Moisture

When water starts to leak or seep into your home, it’s important to act quickly. The longer water is allowed to sit and soak into materials like drywall and furniture, the more likely it is for dangerous fungi and bacteria to form, as well as rot and decay. It is also important to consider how quickly water can spread through different mediums, such as wood floorboards or insulation, if left unchecked.

2. Visible Staining or Discoloration

If water seeps into the wall through a crack or gap, it’s possible for mold to form on the other side of the wall where it’s not easily visible. Water can quickly cause staining, discoloration, rot, and corrosion on wooden surfaces, drywall, plaster, and other materials exposed to it for an extended period of time. A water damage restoration company can assess the extent of the damage so that you know what realistic steps need to be taken to restore your property. 

3. Warped Walls or Warped Flooring

Water-damaged walls may swell and become warped due to prolonged moisture exposure. Also, floorboards may buckle or warp when water seeps beneath them as they absorb water and swell. These issues can be addressed with water damage restoration services that include drying, dehumidifying, and disinfecting the affected areas to limit further degeneration of building materials.

4. Foul, Musty, or Moldy Odors

A musty smell is often among the first indicators that water damage has occurred. If you notice a persistent, unpleasant odor anywhere in your home or business, it’s a sign of water damage and should not be ignored. Not only can mold and mildew cause health issues for you and your family, but they could also lead to costly repairs if left unaddressed. A water damage restoration specialist can help pinpoint the source of the odor and provide effective solutions to remove it.

5. Health Problems

If you suspect water damage in your home or business, don’t wait until you start to experience health issues before taking action. Underlying water damage can lead to health problems for those living or working in the affected area. Health issues such as skin rash, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, headaches, and other cold-like symptoms are all signs that water-borne bacteria has infiltrated into your home or business and is causing harm to your family or staff’s health.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Minneapolis, MN

Water damage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. From mold growth to structural damage, water damage can cause serious problems in your home if not addressed promptly. If you’re a homeowner in Minneapolis, it’s important to understand the causes of water damage and the effects it can have on your home.

Causes of Water Damage in Minneapolis, MN:

• Leaking roofs and windows
• Burst pipes and plumbing issues
• Sewer backups
• Flooding due to heavy rain or melting snow

Done Right Carpet and Restoration is a water damage restoration expert in Minneapolis, MN. We offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services to help residents and business owners restore their homes or businesses back to their pre-loss condition. Contact us today for more information.

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