Squeaky Clean Nail Salons

Done Right Brings Their Expertise To Nail Salons

Many nail salons experience damage due to mishandling of pedicure equipment.  Another issue nail salons have to deal with, that you wouldn’t necessarily think happens too often, is the risk of fire.  Many times faulty battery chargers can spark up at night while no one is around.  Add that to the fact that nail polish is extremely flammable, and you’ve got yourself a disaster waiting to happen.

If you own a Nail Salon that has recently received some disaster damage, Done Right can handle your issues in a quick and discrete manner.  Done Right’s professional staff has the expertise to restore any commercial businesses to get you back making money.  At the first sign of unwanted water, act quickly and decisively by calling the professionals at Done Right.  We also specialize in commercial carpet cleaning.  Unsightly stains or odors can hurt business, it is essential to get your restorations and cleaning Done Right!

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