Facts You Should Know About Disaster Damage – Part II

August 19, 2015 | Storm Damage

In the last post about damage facts, we learned different categories of water and causes of damage.  In this next post we’ll discuss the actual process of restoring your home to like new or pre-damaged condition.

Damage Restoration Process

Done Right Carpet Restoration specializes in revitalizing your home after damage has occurred. With the most up-to-date equipment and processes, we can help save your precious belongings and prevent your home from condemned. The success of damage restoration really depends on identifying the water category and gauging the severity of damage. We come in, diagnose the type and severity of the damage, and choose the proper equipment and procedures to control and remove damage. For instance, water in a basement may involve a shorter cleanup process while other parts of your property may be more difficult to remedy.

Damage Health Hazards

One of the most important parts of the damage restoration process is contacting a restoration company as soon as possible. The longer you let water sit on your property, the most costly and time consuming it will be to remove the water. Water promotes the growth of mold and bacteria and can increase the risk for serious health problems. Health problems like an increased risk of respiratory diseases, aggravated allergy and asthmatic symptoms (especially in young children and people with compromised health systems). Getting that area cleaned out as soon as possible can help mitigate those health effects in a residential or commercial space.


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