Can You Remove Odor from my Furniture?

December 19, 2014 | Pet Odor

Furniture can become damaged for a variety of reasons. Everything from water and smoke damage to mold and mildew can leave unpleasant odors in furniture and carpets. Unfortunately, odors can still linger after the furniture has been dried and cleaned. If your furniture has residue odors even after a smoke or flood damage restoration process, the following information discusses the steps to take when effectively removing odor from furniture.

1. Furniture with Fabric and Upholstery

A simple remedy that may remove odors includes mixing one part vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle to clean furniture. Spray the solution on the fabric and open windows to let the furniture air dry. If you’re afraid the vinegar may stain the furniture try leaving dry baking soda on the material overnight and then vacuuming the next day. If mold has set into the fabric, professional mold mitigation may be necessary. Professional cleaners may use antimicrobial chemicals to remove the mold and the smell.

2. Furniture Made of Wood

For dressers and other types of wooden furniture try placing a bowl of baking soda in an inside drawer for several days. Coffee grinds can be used as well, just make sure not to stain the furniture. Painting furniture is another way of masking or eliminating odors. Sometimes something as simple as leaving the piece of furniture near a dehumidifier will help remove odors as part of a damage restoration process.

3. Carpets

To remove odors from carpets try mixing a half cup of dried lavender with a full box of baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture on the carpet and let it set all night. Vacuum the next day. Musty smells from mold or mildew can be removed by using something as simple as kitty litter. Place natural clay litter in bowls on or near the furniture for a few days. Setting bowls of white vinegar throughout the room can also absorb odors as part of your carpet cleaning process.

If you’ve tried several of these do-it-yourself techniques without any luck, you may need to contact a company that specializes in local damage restoration or local mold mitigation to completely remove the odors.
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