Water Damage Restoration Tips

What Are Risks Of A Leaky Water Damaged Roof?

A leaky roof is no small problem for a homeowner. Water damage alone is not the only issue that a leaky roof can cause. Other issues include damaged wiring, higher utility bills, and structural damage. From our water damage restoration experts at Done Right, below are details about each of these issues caused by a leaky roof.

Damaged Wiring In Your Roof

Depending upon where the wiring is in your home, a leaky roof could prove to be a very serious, very dangerous problem. Any shorted or damaged wires could be further damaged by the water, eventually causing to spark which could set your entire home ablaze. It is highly recommended that you turn your electricity off if you find a leak in your roof and know that wires run through your ceilings as well.

Higher Utility Bills

High utility bills are another side effect of a leaking roof because water intrusion reduces the effectiveness of insulation in attics. Your cellulose or fiberglass insulation becomes saturated and it takes a long time for it to dry out. If a roof leak repair is put off for a long time, chronic water intrusion will deplete the insulation significantly and your home will lose hot and cool air, resulting in higher utility bills.


This one is obvious, but it still deserves some attention. From just a few drops that can easily be handled by a well-placed bucket to a massive influx of water from a collapsed roof, the degree of flooding that occurs from a leaky roof can vary greatly. The severity of the flood depends largely on the shape your roof was in at the time of the flood. This is why it’s so important to keep your roof in good repair. If your roof is in bad shape (missing shingles, old materials, typical wear and tear, etc.) then it is far more likely that a flood will be severe and cause significant damage.

Structural Damage

Structural damage from a leak in your roof can occur in many different ways. There are three specific ways we will discuss here. First, your roof itself can be damaged. Once the water begins to leak, the roof can be further damaged leading to even greater flood levels. Second, the influx of water can cause damage from the initial force of the water. Third, and most common, the water causes damage gradually as it sits in your home for hours and potentially (but hopefully not) days. This leads to mold growth, warping, discoloration, and other problems.

The longer you wait to begin restoring the damage from a flood, the worse it will be. This holds true for each of the consequences of a leaky roof listed above. Thus, your first step after a flood should be to call a certified cleaning and restoration company for help. Our team at Done Right are one such company ready to help with any of your water damage restoration needs.


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