Why Time is the Most Important Factor to Disaster Damage

December 23, 2014 | Uncategorized

Time is the Most Important Factor to disaster damage (protects investment, cheaper longterm)

Timely disaster damage removal is paramount when water strikes. Taking care of the problem immediately can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars, not to mention stress. Not dallying on water restoration, even for a couple days, will protect your investments and will end up being cheaper in the long run.

Emergency damage restoration is necessary the moment you discover that your property is being damaged by water, or could be damaged soon from a problem in its beginning stages. Disaster damage can wreak havoc on wood, drywall, seals around the floor and walls of your home, and depending on the leak can destroy a ceiling. If handled immediately however, all or most of that costly material damage can be avoided.

First the leak must be repaired in order to stop the problem at its source, whether it be a pipe, a leaky roof, or some other factor caused by a storm. A local restoration team will come to your home or office with specialized equipment to remove all standing water and thoroughly dry out the materials that may be soaked. damage restoration kits include specialized vacuums to suck water out of upholstery and drywall, as well as industrial dehumidifiers to dry out the interior of a structure.

Carpet cleaning is a large part of the job also and should be handled immediatly. Mold mitigation is also another important part of damage restoration. Water from flooding can contain dangerous pathogens. Calling on a local damage restoration crew is even more important in this case because the exposure could cause people to actually get sick. Again, the faster you act, the less likely it is that these complications occur.

Just whatever you do, don’t wait to fix disaster damage. Even a day or two could cost you thousands more than it would to just call a damage team. Protect your investments!

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