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November 8, 2012 | Carpet Cleaning Blog,Pet Odor

Listen – Pet Odors and Stains are Tough

Listen.  Well maybe your ears are not quite as obviously attentive as these, but we can’t wait to share.  We all love our pets, but let’s be honest they aren’t the best smelling member of our family.  There are many causes for pet odor some of which may need to be examined by your veterinarian.  Bad breath could mean tooth decay.  Scooting on the carpet may be an infection of their anal glands or the most  obvious they may have rolled in something outside or encountered a skunk.   In Minnesota,  there is no telling what they can find outside any time of year. Outside of that there may still be the occasional accident especially with puppies, or older pets.

Cleaning Carpet Stains from Pets Takes a Professional

No matter how the smell found it’s way to your carpets or furniture, Done Right Carpet and Restoration has the trained technicians and solutions to get it out!  Our specialty methods have been proven to get out some of the toughest pet stains to leave your carpet and upholstered furniture looking new and smelling fresh once again.  Pet urine can soak deep into your carpets past the pad and into the wood sub-floors   Injections made to breakdown the stain can get rid of it.  Furniture and carpet are expensive breathe new life into them by calling Done Right Carpet and Restoration today!

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