How to Kill Black Mold

December 18, 2014 | Carpet Cleaning Blog

Black mold is a type of mold that often grows in houses and is usually a result of disaster damage. The mold appears as a black or greenish-black, slimy mold and is dangerous to humans, so action should be taken immediately to remove it. Black mold can cause many symptoms including respiratory problems, rashes and nausea. The mold requires a moist, warm environment to grow. Black mold is often found in or under carpets, so carpet cleaning experts can help in maintaining your carpets and keeping them mold free. Preventing situations that allow black mold to develop is the best defense against it.

If you are not able to prevent black from growing in your house, a local mold mitigation service can help. Mold mitigation is a tricky task that should always be left to the professionals. Attempting to remove black mold yourself can cause dangerous exposure, so if you suspect you have black mold, call an expert in damage restoration, carpet cleaning or mold mitigation.

Black mold is often the result of water or flood damage. Even if you cannot see any black mold after experiencing any kind of damage, it is very important to have some restoration done to your house. Black mold thrives in moist environments, so eliminating the source of water is key to killing black mold. Because black mold grows in places where is it not readily visible, it is best to stop the growth of black mold by managing any leaks or damage in your home. Mold can be eliminated using bleach, ammonia or vinegar but remember never to mix bleach and ammonia.

If black mold is found in your home, you will need to relocate temporarily while damage restoration and mold mitigation are taking place. Always work actively to prevent cases of black mold by checking for leaks, repairing any damage immediately and having your carpets regularly cleaned by carpet cleaning experts.
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